About Connected Care America

Connected Care America is working hard to revolutionize the way we do healthcare in the United States. If you are sick and tired of spending hours in a waiting room every time you need to see a doctor, we want to help. If you are exhausted with jumping through insurance hoops to get your medical bills covered, we want to assist you. Using a brand new form of technology called telehealth, we are opening new doors and pioneering brand new ways to handle patient care.

At Connected Care America, we use the Internet to bring health care to your home. You won’t have to trudge to the doctor’s office across town and spend hours waiting to be seen anymore. Instead, you can simply schedule an online appointment and meet with your doctor over a video chat forum. Read our articles to learn more about how Connected Care America is changing health care all over the United States today.

Telehealth and Vaporizers Can Help you Save Money

The days when keeping medical records required a mountain of paperwork and an extensive filing system are long gone. Not only have medical facilities figured out how to use computers for saving each patient’s entire medical history, but these days it’s also possible to use technology and electronic information to improve the ability both educate health care professionals and provide health care to individuals who are a long way from the medical facility. The invention of telehealth has made it possible for individuals who are in remote parts of the world or who have medical conditions that make it difficult for them to leave their home.

There are several different ways that patients and health care professionals can utilize telehealth options. Commonly used methods include Videoconferencing, Skype, E-mail, Terrestrial, Media streaming, and wireless communications technology. As technology continues to evolve and improve so will telehealth.

One of the great things about telehealth is that it in addition to being convenient, in most cases it’s also more affordable. Not having to pay an office visit each time you need medical advice can save you hundreds of dollars.

Since you’re interested in saving money and improving the overall quality of your health, you really need to commit yourself to ending your relationship with standard cigarettes. Even if you only smoke a single pack of cigarettes a day, you’re sending a few thousand dollars up in smoke every single year. You’re also doing all kinds of damage to your lungs.

It’s likely that you’ve already learned that saying you’re not going to smoke anymore is one thing. Actually following through on that vow can be a very different thing. The good news is that there’s now an affordable devious that might be able to help. If you have already tried the FDA approved methods that are supposed to help you give up cigarettes, such as gums and nicotine patches, it’s time for you to give vaporizers a try. The odds are good that with the help of the vaporizers, which allow you to control the amount of nicotine you inhale, will make it possible for you to walk away from cigarettes once and for all.

While the FDA hasn’t yet given their approval to personal vaporizers, at least not yet, several studies have been done which show that the vaporizers have been very useful to people who want to quit smoking.

While it’s true that not much is yet known about the long term impact inhaling the vapor from vape pens, most medical experts who work in the telehealth system agree that so far the vapor doesn’t seem to be much of a danger and that they put less strain on your cardiovascular system.

Just switching to the electronic vaporizers will help you save thousands of dollars every single year and you’ll make the people you interact with during your telehealth interactions.

Healthcare Is A Great Career Choice

If you are wondering why type of career you want to get into, you may want to consider the field of healthcare. The best thing about healthcare is the job security is huge! People are always going to get sick and they are always going to go to the doctor, so you won’t have to worry that you won’t have a job. Another good thing about healthcare as a career is that you are going to be helping people. If you like to help others and you feel the need to help them have the best life possible then a healthcare field may be for you.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to jobs in healthcare. You can be a nurse or a doctor or a lab tech just to name a few. You can also choose to be in the dental field if you choose to do so. I personally have taken classes and become certified as a dental assistant I. I can tell you that that particular part of the healthcare field is fun and interesting and I plan to go back into it once my daughter finishes high school.

Another great thing about getting a job in the healthcare field is that you may get a discount on your own medical procedures. This is a huge perk in this day and age because as we all know, the heath care system is becoming more and more corrupt as the days go on. Getting your health care at a reduced or discounted rate is a big deal and is worth going into the healthcare field for.

My Telehealth Doctor Told Me to Try V2 Cigs

Telehealth is an amazing accomplishment for modern medicine. Instead of spending hours sitting in urgent care, patients can now reach their physicians virtually and receive immediately healthcare over video and telephone connections. I recently discovered this option when suffering from a terrible sinus infection and chronic cough. I didn’t have the money to shell out for the outrageous out-of-pocket fees at the local clinic and I was waiting on my new insurance policy to kick in. I read about telehealth online and immediately signed up. For just $40, I was connected to a doctor instantly by video connection.

The whole experience was really amazing! The doctor talked to me about my symptoms and asked me how long I had been feeling sick. He was able to evaluate how sick I was just by watching and hearing me cough over the video connection. When I explained that I had been sick for weeks, he asked me more about my medical history. Specifically, he wanted to know if I was a smoker.

I was pretty embarrassed to admit that I was indeed a tobacco user. In fact, I had been smoking around a pack a day for about seven years. The doctor told me that smoking can lower your immune system, causing you to get sick more often. He also told me that my chronic cough was probably related to lung irritation from the cigarette smoke. I told him that I felt pretty hopeless about smoking cessation. After all, I had tried the patches, gums, and even prescription medication to try to quit and none of it worked for me. That’s when he recommended V2 Cigs.

The doctor told me that V2 Cigs is a brand of electronic cigarettes and they are actually the top rated ecig brand in consumer reviews. He explained that e-cigs are battery-operated and they totally eliminate tobacco and the combustion related carcinogens that were making me cough. While you still get that same hand to mouth action that smokers find so satisfying, you don’t get the poisonous tar and tobacco in the process. Plus, he told me V2 Cigs offered varied nicotine levels so I could start at a higher concentration and gradually work my way down to nicotine-free.

By the end of my first telehealth video chat, I had a prescription for antibiotics to treat my sinus infection and I was armed with the knowledge I needed to finally stop smoking. That afternoon, I ordered my starter kit from V2 Cigs and on the day it arrived, I threw my cigarettes in the trash. I’m proud to say that I’ve been tobacco-free ever since!

If you are struggling with health concerns and can’t afford a visit to your local doctor’s office, I really recommend that you try telehealth. For just $40, I got a really thorough medical exam and some advice that changed my life. I never expected that call to result in my new tobacco-free life, but the doctor’s recommendation for V2 Cigs really changed it all. Give telehealth a try. You won’t regret it!

Finding The Best Doctor

When it comes to your health there are very few risks that you want to take. If you ever have any kind of medical emergency to arise in your life, you are always going to seek the most qualified doctor to help you. Some people will say that you need to trust the doctors in your area, but the reality of the situation is that when it is your health, you always want the best doctors performing the work. So here is the big question. How can you find the best doctors? This is not the easiest question to answer simply because most doctors specialize in a specific field. The best brain surgeon may not be the best podiatrist. Likewise, the best plastic surgeon is probably not going to be the best cardiac specialist. So there are several questions that need to be looked at further before this questions can be answered.

First, what is the issue that you are having? Depending on the answer to this question you might need to seek out the help of a specialist that is not located in your area. A great example would be cardiac issues. The heart is one of the most common issues that a person can have. When it comes to heart issues there is not a better hospital than the Cleveland Clinic, located in Cleveland Ohio. However, when it comes to cancer the Mayo clinic is very good as are the Cancer Institutes of America. When looking for the best doctor be sure to narrow your search by using the Internet, asking other doctors, and perhaps even consulting friends that might have faced similar issues. You can never ask too many questions. After all, it is your health.

Healthcare and You

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years you have heard about the huge healthcare controversy that is running wild in the United States. Here is what you need to know. First, the President, Barack Obama, placed the idea before the congress in the year 2008. His idea was that the United States needed to reform the health care system in order to help the uninsured become insured. He was also interested in making pre-existing conditions covered. Fast forward a few years and you have a piece of legislation that is called the Affordable Care Act. It is also referred to as Obamacare. So what is the issue? The issues are many. First, the bill requires every person in the country to be insured or else face a tax (penalty). Second, the bill requires employer’s to cover their employees with insurance if the employees are full time. This little regulation is making more part time work instead of making more full time work.

So what is the problem? When there is less full time work and more part time work, the economy does not grow as fast and the people working are not making as much money. It all boils down to money and this is what you need to know. Obamacare, as it is affectionately known, is a very expensive piece of legislation. Here is the kicker. The tax collection for the Affordable Care Act began in the year 2010. The benefits of the act do not take place until 2014. That means that they had to collect 4 years of tax before you could use the system. That is not a fiscally responsible form to follow.

Teleheath Is A Great Way To Get Second Opinions

Once you have been given bad news at the doctor’s office, many people seem to just wither away and let that news overpower their will to live. The best and most important thing you can do when a doctor gives you that dreaded bad news is to get a second opinion. A great way to get a second opinion without having to go see another doctor is by using telehealth.

Teleheath is a brand new technology that allows you to have a virtual conference with a physician to discuss your health and wellness. During an appointment, you are video chatting with a doctor who will be able to give you some great advice. In the average session, the patient receives a full assessment and then an evaluation and recommendations for further treatment. You will also be able to access appointments with doctors who are in other countries. This is great news if you have a disease that is little known in the United States or one that is still being researched here. You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get some great advice from some world-renowned physicians.

You may find that once you get your second opinion via telehealth that you will have a better outcome. Even if you have a lot of confidence in your current healthcare provider, it never hurts to get a second opinion especially when your life is on the line. Telehealth allows you to have easy access to second, third, and even fourth opinions all from the comfort of your home.

Access Your Physicians Via The Internet

Brand new Telehealth technology allows you to get medical attention without ever leaving your chome. If home based health care sounds intriguing to you, then you are not alone. I am totally intrigued with the idea of having a doctor’s full attention to my ailments via the Internet and getting a diagnosis without having to sit in the emergency room for hours.

To take advantage of this new technology, simply request an appointment with a Telehealth physician and then sit back and enjoy having a physician’s full attention for a while. You will have the use of both video and audio to help you come to a diagnosis and treatment for your ailment.

Another great thing about telehealth is that you can get service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are not many doctors that will be able to offer you those kinds of hours! Not to mention, you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home in order to get a diagnosis from a physician. If you don’t feel well and you want to stay in your pajamas all day, you can do so and still get treatment!

With the price of health care rising each day, you may see telehealth being used more and more as the years go by! Don’t be surprised if you see a kiosk one day in your local mall that offers telehealth! It is a convenient way to offer health care to a greater number of people at a low cost!

Telehealth May Be the Future For Healthcare

You may have never heard of telehealth. This revolutionary new healthcare system operates via videos and telephones. With all the technology in the world today there is no wonder that healthcare is evolving and adapting as technology allows.

Telehealth technologies can track a patient’s vital signs or monitor issues such as diabetes, congestive heart failure and other life threatening diseases. The reason telehealth technology is so good is because the faster that information is transmitted from the patient to the doctor, the faster the proper care can be administered.

There has been a large decrease in the number of patients who have to visit the emergency room each year due largely in part to the use of telehealth devices. Rescue calls have also begun to decline as a result of the new home based monitors.

The only downside to telehealth technology can sometimes be the technology itself. Many times people will not be equipped with the proper high speed Internet they need for the proper use of the technology. It is important that if you are going to be using a virtual health monitor that you have the proper equipment to make it work or you will possibly lose valuable time in being treated for an emergency.

Teleheath is the future for healthcare and is a great way to deal with patients who have ongoing issues. At the current time, telehealth technology is quite expensive, but I believe with time the cost will soon decrease to an affordable level or possibly even be covered by insurance policies.

Telehealth Is Great If You Want Independence

If you are one of the unlucky people who have been given a diagnosis of a chronic disease then you may want to read this blog post. There is a way for you to live a bit more independently and get along much easier in life than traveling to and from the doctor’s office each and every day. No one really has the time or the energy to spend in the doctor’s office each day of their lives and no one really wants to do so. This is why telehealth is so exciting! Your life might be getting ready to change for the better if you are willing to give teleheath a try!

Telehealth can be used to monitor and regulate such things as high blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen levels and weight. You already know all too well if you suffer from any of these issues those regular trips to the physician’s office are just a part of your daily life. Do you want that to change? My guess is yes you do!

Telehealth can help in a number of areas. You can receive specialist referrals, patient consultations as well as remote patient monitoring. Patient consultations are used with video and audio to help come up with a solution for your illness. Remote patient monitoring is where devises are used to remotely to collect data that is then sent to a monitoring station to be interpreted by a health professional.

Live more independently once and for all with the help of telehealth!

Can Telehealth Be The Answer For The Healthcare System?

We all know that healthcare is very expensive. We also know that it isn’t getting any better with the way the government is trying to take it over little by little with the new Obama care plan. I don’t know about you, but the entire thing scares me a little and I want to find a way to get affordable healthcare that will be good for me and my family so that we can have other options.

Many people find that they just let things go when it comes to their health because they simply cannot afford to get the healthcare they need. This is sort of like playing Russian roulette with your life and something that you should never do. Telehealth may be the answer for the healthcares system because you can get quality care without having to leave your home and without paying more than you can afford. Many people who cannot afford health care cannot do so because they don’t have insurance. This is true of more people than you might think. With the economy the way it has been for the last few years and jobs that have been lost, there are more and more families going without insurance.

If you are an older person you may find this new way of healthcare to be a bit scary at first but I promise if you will give it a chance you will like it better. Telehealth can help you get the care you need without having to go see the doctor repeatedly during the week. Check it out!